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Monitor Your Employee using iPhone or AndroidGuardBay Online Remote PC Monitoring Software is an unique surveillance software that is easy to install and setup. With the software installed on computers you with to monitor, you can watch your employees or children from ANYWHERE in the world, and from any device capable of web browsing (Your PC, Laptop, iPhone or Android). It allows you to prevent your employees or children from going off-track when they are on computers (playing games, browsing non-work-related sites, chatting) hence increasing their overall productivity. GuardBay is not only designed for enterprises and large institutes, it may also be used for individual parents wanting to monitor their children. GuardBay allows you to monitor and control each computer across different networks. This includes viewing the current screen of each computer on the network, all keystrokes that each user has pressed and all websites visited. Additional controls are also available including shutting down/rebooting a remote client computer, logging off a specific user, displaying messages on client computer screen, locking down client workstation and executing certain files on client machine.

Easy to Setup


No server software is required, simply install our client software on computers you wish to monitor. The client will automatically be linked with your GuardBay account after installation.

Realtime Screenshots


View remote computer screen directly from your browser without any additional software. Now you have an invisible pair of eyes watching your employees and kids to make sure they are doing what they suppose to.

Application Monitor


All software and program opened by the users are monitored and recorded. This includes all web sites visited, word document opened, games played, instant chats. Everything!

Keystroke/File Monitor


All keystrokes typed by the users are recorded. Clipboard activities such as copying files and texts are also recorded. Monitor files that are copied to USB memory disks.

Online Control Panel


Monitor from anywhere at anytime! Simply login our online control panel where you can see users online, live screen and alot more. Yes! it also works on your mobile phones and iPad!

Remote Control


Monitoring is simply not enough! Now you have the power to shutdown, reboot, logoff, run program and send message to any computers! Great tools for network administrator.

History Logs


Don't have time to monitor all the time? Don't worry, all user activities are saved and can be looked up and searched at anytime you find convenient.

Usage Statistics


We even provide nice little graphs where you can easy view how many users are online during set periods. It also shows the activities counts for useres your are monitoring!

GuardBay Monitor

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